Sprats are small fish from the Herring family. They live in the North, Baltic, Black and Mediterranean Seas, in the southern hemisphere - in the coastal waters of Tasmania and New Zealand. Silver fish with light brown stripes on the sides have an average length of 14 cm and a weight of about 10 g. Sprats are of great commercial value and are incredibly popular in cooking.

Headless sprats are cooked using hot smoking technology. They acquire incredibly appetizing taste and aroma qualities. Sprats are an indispensable attribute of the festive table. They contain vitamins and mineral elements valuable for the human body.

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Sprats - Without Head

1 Kilogram
  • Nutritional value of food product per 100 g (g):

    • Energy value: 356.00kcal
    • Proteins 17.00g
    • Fat 32.00g
    • Carbohydrates 0.00g