A large hot smoked carcass made from Atlantic mackerel caught in the North Atlantic Ocean. This is a deliciously tasty, oily, wild fish. It is prepared by natural smoking on alder sawdust, under the influence of hot smoke, due to which the fish is tender, tasty, literally melting in the mouth and has a rich taste and smoke aroma

Sea, wild fish;

  • Made from fresh frozen raw materials;
  • Country of origin of raw materials - Norway / Iceland / Scotland

    Manufacturer: TOV VKP "KIT LTD" st. Dostoevsky, 5
    Kharkov, 61009, Ukraine, t. +38 057 719 15 87

Hot Smoked Mackerel

1 Kilogram
  • The shelf life of hot smoked fish is 72 hours from the date of production.

    Caloric content 209.05 kcal per 100 g of product,

    proteins 20.31 g,

    fats 14.61g.