Mussels belong to the type of bivalve molluscs, they have an elongated wedge-shaped shell, the inside is covered with a mother-of-pearl layer. The size of the common mussel reaches an average of 8 cm. Mussels are a unique seafood delicacy, which is mass produced on special farms in Chile and China using a special technology developed several centuries ago.

The nutritional value of mussel meat is very high, because it contains natural proteins of very high quality, enriched with such natural elements as phosphatides. Thanks to this, the beneficial properties of mussels have a beneficial effect on the liver, digestion and metabolism. Mussel meat surpasses beef and fish in the presence of protein in its meat. Mussel meat contains more than 30 elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Mussels contain only 3% fat with high biological activity.

Country of origin of raw materials - Chile

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  • frozen product
  • Premium quality
  • The product is ready to cook.

Mussel meat - 1kg

1 Kilogram
  • Nutritional value of food product per 100 g (g):

    • Energy value: 87.00 kcal (364 kJ)
    • Proteins 1.73 g
    • Fat 1.91 g
    • Carbohydrates 4.34 g