Trout caviar is the most popular type, which has a fine grain size (3 mm), color from yellow to orange, and gradually conquers the caviar market with its availability and pleasant taste.

Caviar is useful for skin cells, hair, nails, eyes; normalizing blood pressure; increasing hemoglobin and immunity; improving mental performance; reducing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease; reducing the risk of cancer; in general - to prevent premature aging of the body.

Made from fresh frozen raw materials;

  • Country of origin of raw materials - Norway
  • Spawning (catch) - November 2020

    Reseller: TOV VKP "KIT LTD" st. Dostoevsky, 5
    Kharkov, 61009, Ukraine, t. +38 057 719 15 87

Trout roe (Norway) - 0.5 kg

500 Grams
  • Nutritional value of food product per 100 g (g):

    • Energy value: 230 kcal
    • Carbohydrates 4.0 g
    • Fat 103.5 g
    • Proteins 122.4 g