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The company has significant experience in foreign trade (FEA). In 2014, the company entered the foreign market and took an active position as an importer of fish products and seafood. At this stage of development, the company has the ability to import into the territory of Ukraine more than 3000 tons of raw materials per year.

Our trusted suppliers of chilled, frozen fish and seafood include Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Vietnam, China, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Taiwan, Ireland, New Zealand, etc. The raw materials we receive are imported from more than 30 different seaports around the world. Our supply volumes and the number of international contracts are growing exponentially.

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Today the company KIT - Whale Group can produce more than 1000 products. These are traditional fish products (salmon, trout, marlin, mackerel, tuna, halibut, oil fish, etc.), and a variety of frozen products (cod, hake, tilapia, perch, langoustines, shrimps, caviar, squid, octopus, etc.) The company's logistics operations covers many of the largest supermarkets, wholesale outlets and catering establishments in Eastern Europe.


Our production and cold storage facilities are equipped with modern equipment using advanced inventory systems and the latest refrigeration and freezing technologies. KIT - Whale Group has the capacity to store up to 1500 tons of frozen raw materials. We also have a large fleet of refrigerated vehicles that can deliver raw, frozen and finished products to most regions in Europe and Asia.

We are always looking to work with new partners, and are ready to guarantee the delivery  of top quality seafood to meet your consumers demand.


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K.I.T. - Whale Group has a number of fish and seafood processing facilities in Ukraine. The production capacity and workforce of these enterprises allow them to manufacture products for international brands and the HoReCa segment. Thanks to many years of work with clients on the market, we know exactly what it takes to meet the needs of the most demanding customers!

Why K.I.T. - Whale Group?

  • Our Delivery works according to your schedule

  • Direct deliveries of chilled salmon from Norway - quality and producer prices

  • Own production and accredited laboratory (HACCP, ISO 22000: 2005)

  • Availability of our own refrigerated warehouses, our own refrigerated car park, full compliance with temperature regimes from and to.

  • Any cutting according to the needs of the Client: layer, fillet, skinless fillet, steaks

  • A huge assortment of chilled products and seafood

  • 20 years of experience with sushi chains, restaurants, hotels, distributors, and cafes


We are always happy and open to cooperation with business clients (B2B / B2B2C). The company is ready to manufacture products at the request of the client according to the signed specification.

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Franchising White Whale Stores


KIT - Whale Group specializes in the sale of quality and delicious seafood produced under our trademark. We import raw materials for production from the countries of Scandinavia, Argentina, Iceland, Vietnam, etc. Our company offers the freshest products at the most pleasant prices and for true gourmets.

The company's management is a team of experts in the fish and seafood market, as well as specialists in the field of procurement, sales, international logistics and marketing. We are ready to share our expertise with you to ensure a joint successful business partnership.

The main office of the company is located in Kharkov (Ukraine). Since 2019, fish markets White Whale (While Whale) have been opened within the  city and the region, and since 2020 we have set a course for the international development of a network of fish outlets and sales of franchises throughout Ukraine neighbouring countries. We provide each of our franchisees with a complete package for opening a successful store, and continued support for the business. The company guarantees regular deliveries of the best products from our warehouses with our dedicated logistics fleet.

Why KIT - Whale Group?


- The quality of our products meets international standards.

- Over 20 years of experience in the seafood industry.

- Consumer confidence in the Ukrainian market and abroad.

- Timely delivery of products.

- Exclusive and recognizable store design.


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