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Production Principles

Our Production

KIT - Whale Group is one of the leading fish processing companies on the Ukrainian market. Before the finished product reaches the store shelves, the chilled fish undergoes several stages of processing on production lines equipped in accordance with international quality standards. After passing through the cleaning stage, the fillet is sent for salting and / or smoking.


Our alder smoking technology, which uses only solid natural wood, excludes combustion processes, which, in turn, prevents the formation of carcinogenic substances. In the last stages, the fish is cut into pieces or slices, then the products are packaged in accordance with quality standards!


International audit companies (SGS) annually conduct an independent audit of fish production. Auditors check all technological processes and documentation for compliance with legal requirements.

Quality Control

Over the years, the KIT - Whale Group has introduced the Lean production concept into its activities, which allows us to achieve higher labour efficiency by reducing production and delivery times. Agile methodology is also an integral part of our business, so we are prepared for change our production focus.


In order to control the quality of products at all stages of production, the enterprise operates according to the HACCP system. The quality control service and the integrated food safety management system ISO 22000: 2005 No.… 80072.30290694.5-2018 are responsible for this process. This allows us to produce high-quality and safe products that comply with national and international standards.

Also,  KIT - Whale Group is equipped with an accredited laboratory for organoleptic and physical and chemical research, where technologists and specialists of the quality department conduct systematic control of raw materials and finished products.

The company pays much attention not only to production processes, but also strictly monitors compliance with the transportation conditions and storage rules for finished products. The presence of refrigerating and freezing chambers, in which the  humidity levels and temperatures  are automatically monitored and controlled, allows maintaining the quality of the product at all stages of manufacturing.


Our Team and Experts

Meet Our Team

The collective experience, knowledge and talents of our employees have helped us achieve significant success and advance the aquaculture industry nationwide. Our goal is to continue to develop internal and external culture of collaboration, as well as the production capacity needed to become a world leader in its field.


Thus, we strive to be the company in which the best specialists and experts in the industry want to work. We encourage everyone and offer a great work environment with great opportunities for development and learning.

The company aims to continuously develop the internal and external culture of cooperation, as well as to increase production capacity. Over time, this will enable us to become a world leader in the fishing industry.