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Mission and Sustainability

Our Story


History of the company "KIT" ltd. begins in 1999, in Kharkov. Then the creators were united by a common goal: to offer the Ukrainian market fresh and high-quality fish and seafood without artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers. Today it is one of the leading enterprises in the fish market. Since the mid-2000s, the company has begun to develop a new direction - the import of fresh frozen and chilled fish from neighboring countries and beyond.


In 2019, the first White Whale branded stores appeared, and the first steps were taken in the development of the franchising direction. At the moment, the network includes 6 outlets in Kharkov and the region.


By 2020, KIT has consolidated a group of companies operating in the field of seafood import, distribution, export and processing. During this period, the company begins a large-scale rebranding project and positions itself as KIT - Whale Group.


The company has established itself as a leader in the production and sale of quality products in the fishing industry. We own our own production, the capacity of which is increasing annually and is fully consistent with all technological innovations of the market. International and national trade networks such as METRO C & C, Auchan, Varus, Ekomarket, Klass, Rost, etc. have been cooperating with us and trust us for several years. In addition to delivering our own products, we also make a privat label under their trademarks (contract manufacturing ).


Every year we expand the range of fish products to meet the needs of our customers!

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Our Mission & Values

The mission of KIT - Whale Group is to create tasty, healthy and high quality fish products that develop a culture of proper nutrition in Ukraine. A healthy lifestyle is not only a guarantee of success, but also reliability and confidence in the future! KIT - Whale Group manufactures products of the highest quality with care for the health of its customers and future generations.


For KIT - Whale Group, quality is the main component of all aspects of its activities. We strive for the quality of goods on the shelves of outlets which boost our relations with partners, employees and customers. We value open and transparent business  that is fair in terms of partnerships with suppliers and customers. This allows our clients to place fresh and high-quality products on store shelves without fear for their reputation.


The safety, well-being and development of our employees is also one of the foundations of our successful business. The combination of individual ambition and teamwork makes a huge contribution to the common cause. We strive to ensure that the unique interests of our employees align with the responsibilities that they will carry out with enthusiasm. KIT - Whale Group is committed to creating an honest and open culture of collaboration.

Areas of our Activity



Since the mid-2000s, the company has begun to develop a new direction - the import of fresh frozen and chilled fish from neighboring countries and beyond, and successfully works with leading companies in Norway, Denmark, Vietnam, China, Chile and other countries.

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KIT - Whale Group is one of the leading fish processing companies on the Ukrainian market. International audit companies (SGS) annually conduct an independent audit of fish production.

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Today the company KIT - Whale Group can produce more than 1000 products. The company's supply logistics covers many of the largest supermarkets, wholesale outlets and catering establishments in Eastern Europe.